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Hey kiddos!
I would like to start organizing Australia day! I know we were talking abit about having a house party this year, and my house is free! We can picnic on my lawn and swim and have THE BEST TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100 PARTY EVER!
or something like that.
So, would you be interested in this? It would be a pretty openish party, meaning that if you had friends that would like to come, you would be welcome to bring them (just as long as you let me know). We could go all day, with people bringing food and their own alcohol. And we could print up everyones predicted top 10 and have a little bet(maybe?) and have sparklers at fireworks time!
So, thoughts? and would you be interested in coming?

PLUS This is pretty much the best fanvid I have ever watched. Firefly/Serenity set to a Wicked song. Even Joss(whedon) loves it!
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Hello people,

Well, as with every year, for New Years Day we are planning to head down to shelly foreshore to watch the fireworks. YAY!

The details are
Meet at Sean's House sometime between noon and 5pm (or crash there the night before on new years eve - we will be there from 1am)
and Bring Hat, sunscreen, picnic rug, frisbee(or other things to pass the time), jumper for if it gets cold, etc.

Also, we need people to bring picnic food. Please pick something from this list and let me know what you will be bringing.

Salad x2
Potato Salad
Bread - Emma
Soft drink x 2 Ferg & Rachel
chips and dip - Anna
Cold Meats


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